Companies and individuals can prosper from economic change.


We do not live and work in an economic vacuum. Contrary to popular opinion, economic trends do not change all that rapidly. They go to their extremes and then the “economic pendulum” reverses. In an economy that that is being propped-up by a massive amount of leverage (debt), this deleveraging will be messy and turbulent. Basing your financial and business decisions on old trends, could lead to financial disaster.


An economy that is governed by turbulence and the unknown is viewed by many as in crisis. But to the astute business person, crisis represents a rare opportunity to profit from the opportunities that are created. In order to be successful you must anticipate the dangers in order to profit from the opportunities.


Helping individuals to understand our present and future economic landscape and how they must orient their strategies to profit from the burgeoning opportunities is the Goal of this presentation.

The U.S. Economic Machine:

How to Prosper Amidst Turbulence & Chaos

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Sanford Kahn has been a business author and professional speaker for over 35 years to both the corporate and professional association markets. Mr. Kahn received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Florida. He was the host and producer of the cablevision series “Ask the Economist”. Besides authoring many articles on business trends, his latest book is entitled,

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Who owns the future?

The future belongs to those individuals who can quickly discern, adapt to, and exploit the unpredictable movements in the turbulent flow of life. The future does not belong to big or to the small, but to the swift.

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“Your speech was very germane to top management. We need more of this!” David Burch, Director of Human Resources, Precision Machined Products Association


“Our members found your presentation one of the best of the year! Your presentation was both informative and enjoyable.” David Hurt, Technical Director, United Foam Corp.


“Thank you for a presentation that is not only beneficial to one’s business lifestyle…but one that is most beneficial to one’s personal growth as well.” Gary Wann, Vice President National Management Association, City of Orange


“We heard nothing but favorable and complimentary comments concerning your portion of the program, and I understand you had a crowd of people around you at the conclusion seeking additional advice.” Richard Barnes,

President American Concrete Pipe Association


The interested questioning by our members attests to your success here. I have no hesitancy in recommending you for an informative talk on our changing economic trends. Hal Pinchin, Executive Vice President, American Building Contractors Association.


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